Your plan to financial freedom

Jenni is a financial planner with Sincerus Advisory, a fee-only
comprehensive financial advisory firm.

When you work with Jenni, you get her unique approach along
with an expert investments and planning team.

What is Financial planning

Most people look at money as a constraint around what’s possible for their lives. We do financial planning the other way around. 

We start with understanding your vision for your best life and then work backwards to design your finances. 

Sounds too idealistic? 

If you’re willing to combine a strategic financial plan with out-of-the-box thinking, that life you’ve been dreaming about is much closer than you think. Through our planning process, we explore the following areas:

The Process

Just like life, financial planning is never static. Rather than trying to plan for an unpredictable future, we take an iterative and collaborative approach so we can adjust for the changes that are sure to come. 

In the beginning, we’ll meet several times to get your most critical areas addressed quickly. Then we’ll reach out quarterly for meetings (frequency up to you) to assess how current strategies are performing. As we work through the full list of planning topics, we’ll add more sprints to keep moving on your path to financial freedom.

Investments Approach

To reach your financial goals, you need your money to grow. Sincerus investment portfolios are personalized around your particular goals, values, and tax-situation.


The foundation of your portfolio is designed around your objectives, tax situation and risk tolerance. We construct a globally diversified portfolio by selecting investments based on their function as return enhancer, correlation controller or risk reducer. We often use passive strategies to keep costs low.


Our clients care about making an impact with their money. We help you implement an ESG (environment, social, governance) strategy that goes beyond screening out the “bad stuff” to selecting investments that make a difference for the causes you care most about. 


To enhance returns, we may lean into asset classes or sectors to take advantage of market conditions. Where active management has shown to have an edge, we select actively managed funds to complement your core. We can also help you implement your own investing ideas in a way that maintains your strategic allocation.

Our coaching Approach

Having the right plan is key to making the math work for your success, but getting to true financial freedom depends on having the right mindset. Like many people, you may feel like you’re hitting the same roadblocks over and over again – perhaps due to anxiety around finances, guilt around spending, or relationship conflicts over money.

We integrate coaching on the personal side of money into the financial planning work so that it feels like a natural extension of the process. 


We believe in Simple and Transparent Pricing.

Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management

Fee based on the assets under management

We have a minimum fee of $5,000 per year.

*Financial Planning and Investment Management services offered through Sincerus Advisory, LLC, a registered investment advisor.
Jennifer Dazols is a financial advisor with Sincerus. See Additional Disclosures.  Modern Family Finance operates as a separate entity.