How Passion Projects Create Financial Security

David and John of Queer Money Podcast were one of the first friends we made when launching a business in personal finance. They help gay men to live fabulously without sacrificing financial security. We love their popular Queer Money podcast, and we’re thrilled to be invited on this episode. On this episode of Queer Money podcast, we share our experience filming, Out  & Around, describing what we learned from working together on a passion project, and how it inspired us to adopt a location independent lifestyle. We walk listeners through how to build a life around your ideal 24 hours, and how we can help you use money to fuel your best life, rather than being a constraint. 

In this podcast episode, we talk about

  • What inspired us to create a documenary without and filmmaking experience.
  • What we learned as a couple working together on a passion project.
  • The benefits of adopting a location independent lifestyle
  • Why it’s challening for most to conceive of a life fuled by passion.
  • How financial independence makes it easier to say YES to our passion projects
  • Jenni’s advice for taking a risk with a plan in place.
  • The 5 steps we took to build out lives around a vision of our ideal 24 hours.
  • Why we credit books and blogs with showing us a different way to live
  • How to make money enable your best life rather than being a constraint
  • Why we specifically serve the needs of the LGBTQ community