2024 Update: How to Buy a Home in the Bay Area

In this webinar I discuss navigating today’s 2024 real estate market with Brook Baird, an experienced real estate agent in the Bay Area. Brook specializes in assisting single women, alternative family households, and entrepreneurs.

Thanksgiving Gratitudes

As we get ready to dive into the holiday season, I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all of you who read Jenni’s Money Musings each month.

Our Family Spending Rules

Our Family Spending Rules Our Family Spending Rules: On a recent 4-hour drive up the California coast, Lisa and I conducted a deep dive of our budget.

How to Consider a Career Transition

How to Consider a Career Transition: Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of us are seriously re-considering our career and life choices. Maybe it’s because we were reminded of what’s important in our lives – family, health, purposeful work.