I’m Jen, and I'm here to help you create a financial plan so you can afford to Live a Life You Love.

I'm working on some awesome content to help you make the most of your money.

Hi, I'm Jen.

My spouse and I are raising our modern family in San Francisco, the most expensive city in the US.

I’m a breadwinner mom with two beautiful kids under the age of 3 and a corporate career in tech and finance. 

But before I say more about me, let’s talk about you. I’m guessing you and I have a lot in common.

You wish you could afford more time to enjoy and be present to the people you love most.

You want the freedom to choose your work based on purpose over paycheck.

You have some big dreams, and you’re ready to take command of building your ideal life.

No matter where you are with your finances, you can better use your money to support your best life.

Want One-on-One Coaching?

What if your finances could fuel instead of hinder your dreams? 

What if you could stop prioritizing income and start prioritizing what you love?

Having done this for my own family, I can coach you through building and implementing a financial plan so you can live a life you love. 

Learn more about working with me.

Gain clarity

Our financial freedom journey couldn't begin until my spouse and I pinned an actual dollar amount against our ideal life. I help you get clarity on your goals and figure out how much you need. The more clarity, the better the plan, and the stronger your motivation.

Automate your system

I help you build a system for money and investment management that takes the willpower and constant decision-making out of your finances. The result? Peace of mind from knowing that your money is working for you, and an automatic plan to achieve your biggest goals.

Get more out of what you already have

Ways I can help: Conduct a spending audit to align your budget with your values. Optimize the biggest expense of your lifetime: Taxes. Maximize your employee benefits and equity. Protect what you have through insurance and estate planning. Negotiate your salary (or your exit). Find creative ways to earn more income on the side.

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