We provide financial coaching and couples money counseling for modern families who want the financial freedom to design their best lives.

Imagine a life where:

You have the time to enjoy and be present to the people you love most.
You design your work in a way that is energizing and fulfilling.
You have the leisure to play, explore, and rest.
You could be free to pursue passion projects and dream ventures.

Hi, we're Lisa and Jenni.

We are raising our modern family in San Francisco, the most expensive city in the US.

Jenni comes from a 15+ corporate career in tech and finance, while Lisa is a licensed social worker and behavioral therapist. 

By getting creative with a financial plan to support our vision for our best lives, we’ve been able to take a leap from salaried security, take our family around the world, and pursue dream ventures from filmmaking to bicycle rides.

But before we say more about us, let’s talk about you. I’m guessing we have a lot in common.

You wish you could afford more time to enjoy and be present to the people you love most.

You want the freedom to choose your work based on purpose over paycheck.

You have some big dreams, and you’re ready to take command of building your ideal life.

No matter where you are with your finances, you can better use your money to support your best life.

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