How To Choose an LGBTQ+ Supportive Financial Planner

How to Choose an LGBTQ+ Supportive Financial Planner You’re an LGBTQ+ professional who has been working hard to build a nest egg. You might have invested some savings in one of those retirement date funds. Perhaps you even started a spreadsheet in an attempt to organize your financial life. But there’s still that nagging feeling […]

Modern Family Finance Helps LGBTQ+ in Asia

Modern Family Finance Helps LGBTQ+ Community in Asia In 2007, we met for the first time on a training ride for the AIDS Lifecycle, a week long bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles that raises money to end AIDS. The AIDS Lifecycle gave us a place to celebrate our queerness and find LGBTQ+ […]

What is it like to be LGBT around the world?

What is it like to be LGBTQ+ around the world? When we were in our early thirties, we left our 9-5 jobs for a year and traveled to 13 countries to make a film about LGBTQ+ people around the world. We wanted to raise the visibility of people like us who live in the developing […]

How is financial planning different for LGBTQ+ households?

How is Financial Planning is Different for LGBTQ+ households? When opening this practice, we thought a lot about the type of clients we wanted to serve. Recognizing that many queer individuals start out with financial disadvantages, we wanted to focus on helping other LGBTQ+ households. We believe we can strengthen our community through financial empowerment. […]