How To Choose an LGBTQ+ Supportive Financial Planner

How to Choose an LGBTQ+ Supportive Financial Planner You’re an LGBTQ+ professional who has been working hard to build a nest egg. You might have invested some savings in one of those retirement date funds. Perhaps you even started a spreadsheet in an attempt to organize your financial life. But there’s still that nagging feeling […]

Modern Family Finance Helps LGBTQ+ in Asia

Modern Family Finance Helps LGBTQ+ Community in Asia In 2007, we met for the first time on a training ride for the AIDS Lifecycle, a week long bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles that raises money to end AIDS. The AIDS Lifecycle gave us a place to celebrate our queerness and find LGBTQ+ […]

What is it like to be LGBT around the world?

What is it like to be LGBTQ+ around the world? When we were in our early thirties, we left our 9-5 jobs for a year and traveled to 13 countries to make a film about LGBTQ+ people around the world. We wanted to raise the visibility of people like us who live in the developing […]

How is financial planning different for LGBTQ+ households?

How is Financial Planning is Different for LGBTQ+ households? When opening this practice, we thought a lot about the type of clients we wanted to serve. Recognizing that many queer individuals start out with financial disadvantages, we wanted to focus on helping other LGBTQ+ households. We believe we can strengthen our community through financial empowerment. […]

8 Answers to Questions About Lesbian Money

8 Answers to Questions about Lesbian Money David and John of Queer Money Podcast were one of the first friends we made when launching a business in personal finance. They help gay men to live fabulously without sacrificing financial security. We love their popular Queer Money podcast, and we’re thrilled to be invited on this […]

Our Family Spending Rules

Our Family Spending Rules Our Family Spending Rules: On a recent 4-hour drive up the California coast, Lisa and I conducted a deep dive of our budget. We’ve spent this summer traveling, and between feeling bogged down by our SUV full of belongings and facing the sticker shock of gas and food prices here, we […]