My Services

If you’re interested in working together, contact me for a free 30-min call to discuss how I could help.

"Get Intentional" Deep Dive

"Afford a Life You Love" 6-month Coaching Program

"Let's Keep Going" Ongoing Coaching:

Discovery call (~45min): 

I will provide you with tools that will help you explore your deepest goals and spending values

Coaching session (~90min): 

We will go through my analyses and answer these questions:

  • Where Am I Now?: Evaluate  your current financial situation and get an assessment on which areas need attention
  • “Where Do I Want To Go?”: Identify, prioritize and quantify your goals
  • Am I On Track?”: Project out your financial life with multiple scenarios
  • “What Should I Do Next?”: Get a recommendation on next actions

Get Intentional” Deep Dive, plus

  • Four additional Coaching sessions (~90min) where we will take your goals and map out a step-by-step money management system so you have a concrete path forward
  • Monthly check-in on progress and support on implementation.
  • Handpicked resources that will build your financial literacy and confidence, based on what is most relevant for you
  • Unlimited access to me via email


At the end of our program, I will deliver: A clearly written financial plan (what I like to call “Your Family’s Freedom Manifesto”) that we have built together which 1) identifies your goals (prioritized and quantified), 2) outlines a money management plan on how you will get there, and 3) provides your steps for implementation

After completion of the 6-month Coaching Program:

  • Ongoing coaching sessions: We will conduct a quarterly review of your finances and progress against your goals
  • Adjustments to your plan and strategies as your goals and circumstances change
  • Monthly check-ins and handpicked resources
  • Unlimited access to me via email and ad-hoc calls as needed

$699 one time

$249/mo (requires 6-month commitment)

$79/mo, cancel any time (available after completion of 6-month coaching program)

My Guarantee:

I can help you better use your money to support your best life, and I am confident that I can deliver real value for you. That said, personal finance is a sensitive area and it’s important you work with someone you like and trust. If after the first call in the program, you don’t feel like the ‘fit’ is there, I will refund any fees paid, no questions asked.

And if you’re interested in my photo selection: (Left) Sunrise on Mt. Merapi, Indonesia taken during one of our year-off sabbaticals, (Middle) My daughter and I after a hike in the Swiss countryside, (Right) An afternoon run through Napa vineyards, closer to home.