Mind over Money

Lisa helps you develop a healthy money mindset
and create a spending plan that enables you to live
today while reaching your goals for tomorrow.

What is money coaching

You want to use your money better and live a life by design rather than by default. You have financial goals that you care deeply about – perhaps buying a home, pursuing a dream venture, or saving for (early) retirement.

But even though you may know what you should be doing, you feel like there’s a mental roadblock. You find yourself letting your lifestyle inflate, arguing with your partner, and saddled with a constant anxiety about where the money is all going. You try to avoid thinking about money at all costs because it makes you feel guilty and insufficient. 

Our 3-month coaching program supports you to implement a monthly spending plan that aligns your money with the things that bring you the greatest benefit.

The goal of this program isn’t to minimize your spending, but to maximize the joy you get from your money - both now and in the future. 

We dig into the root causes behind your money behaviors to help you understand how your experiences and beliefs have a direct impact on your financial success. Our coaching program teaches you to create lasting habits so that you have the confidence to make, spend and save money, without guilt.

The Process

Our coaching program includes 6 hour-long sessions over 3-4 months with regular email support for accountability. 

What People Have to Say


$1000 for individuals

6 sessions over three months
with regular email support for accountability

$1250 for couples

6-8 sessions over a period of three to four months
with regular email support for accountability

*Financial planning clients receive a 20% discount on coaching programs. 

About Lisa

Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Santa Clara University and a masters degree from UC Berkeley in social work. Lisa has 10+ years of experience as a psychotherapist supporting people to unlock barriers that make lasting changes in their lives.