Put Your Money to Work: Investing for the Mission-Minded Woman

A casual talk and Q&A - online
Presented by Modern Family Finance
US PST Tuesday June 22 8PM// Taiwan Wednesday June 23 11AM

When it comes to women and money, the relationship is complicated. 

We won’t hesitate to fight for fair pay, advocate for more female leadership in the workplace, and call out sexism when we see it – and yet, we’re often reluctant to get fully engaged with our own money out of concern that it’s too greedy, too overwhelming, or just plain old boring.

As a result, too many of us leave our money sitting on the sidelines and we miss out on building investment portfolios that could enable us to do the work we love without having to worry about earning a living.

This training is to help you understand how investing works, what it can do for you (even with modest savings), and the steps to get started. 

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I have cash that I want to invest, but I’m not sure how to get started.

The market is so high – shouldn’t I wait for the next pullback? 

I hope to become financially independent, but that feels so far away. 

My partner handles all of our investments. How do I empower myself?

If these concerns sound familiar, you are not alone.

But rest assured – Investing doesn’t have to be complicated to learn. There is a simple path to get started so that you can make your money grow, fund your financial goals, and get on with the work that’s your true mission in life.

Join me for a casual talk and Q&A
Put your Money to Work: Investing for the Mission-Minded Woman


Topics that will be discussed:

  • Making sense of the investment world
  • The 5 simple principles to get you 90% of the way there
  • Impact investing: How to align your investments with your values
  • Leveling up as an investor: Going from beginner to pro
  • Changing your relationship with money so you can experience true wealth



Zero dollars. Free.

While this event is free, we encourage attendees to make a donation—any amount—to support Asia Rainbow Ride, a charity bike ride my wife and I started in Taiwan to raise funds for LGBT freedoms in Asia. A donation is encouraged but not required. See more details here.


Date and Time:

US PST Tuesday June 22 8PM // Taiwan Wednesday June 23 11AM

I’ll talk for 30 minutes and then open up for Q&A


Come one and all:

  • While this event is aimed at women, we welcome people of all genders, professions and financial status.
  • Join us online from anywhere in the world. 


Who we are:

We are a modern family from San Francisco. Jenni is a financial advisor with Sincerus Advisory, a fee-only comprehensive financial planning firm. Previously, she worked in tech where she was named “Hero of the 500s” by Fortune Magazine for her corporate and community contributions. Lisa is a money coach, using her skills as a behavioral therapist and social worker to help people develop spending habits that they can feel good about. 

After experiencing how financial planning afforded us the freedom to make a leap from salaried security, take our family around the world, and pursue dream ventures from filmmaking to bicycle rides – it’s now our mission to help others make their greatest dreams a financial reality. Read more about our story here